Re-Branded Project Acclaim

July 01, 2016

  The timing was right to re-brand Joliet Will County Project Pride.  For one, the phrase was always a mouthful.  I always pronounced it deliberately with measured emphasis to assure the listener got the whole thing and could understand the name of my organization.  The acronym was likewise long and rather clunky, JWCPP.  In 2015 the organization began discussions and workshops on re-branding JWCCP.  2015 President Nick Macris was the point man in the effort to find a succint and dazzling new brand for us.  We are first and foremost by our mission a recognition organization. We desired a shorter and more celebratory brand that captured the flavor and spotlight that we shine upon those who make our neighborhoods better places to live.

 “Project Acclaim –honoring civic pride” is the new brand for the organization formerly called Joliet/Will County Project Pride. President Macris announced the brand name change to Project Acclaim as the last piece of business at the November 10, 2015 Honors and Recognition Banquet. This is the second time the name of the organization has been altered. We began as "Joliet Project Pride."  In 1990 in order to embrace the communities of Plainfield and Crest Hill after the tornado disasters that October, we became "Joliet Will County Project Pride." It is our plaque on the base of the Tornado Memorial in Plainfield.

We used the services of the University of St. Francis to conduct workshops to reconfigure the brand last summer. The mandate was a brand that reflected the festive, commemorative, triumphant, and congratulatory nature of our ongoing mission. As it turned out, a more compact title gives the brand punch and it is faster to pronounce. USF Facilitator, Bonnie Covelli, Director School of Professional Studies led the workshops to adjust the perception of our brand. Many thanks to her for the outcome of the process, the selection of “Project Acclaim – honoring civic pride” as the new organizational name. We note the phrases, “project” and “pride”, remaining in the brand from our original title. So there is a nod to heritage and legacy imbedded in the re-branding.

Project Acclaim’s mission statement calls for promotion of the image of Joliet and Will County area and its people, the engagement of residents and organizations to make their neighborhoods better, and the partnering with individuals or organizations working toward the same end.  The need for an organization to emphasize the positives of local life hit home in the early 1980’s when Joliet’s crime rate and economic woes were intense. Rev. James E. Allen led the founding movement. 

In 1987 the organization opened its “Hall of Pride” at the Joliet Library on Ottawa Street. Today 135 plaques line the Hall of Pride.  The second floor meeting room bears that name. We continue to revere people and organizations each year in an Honors and Recognition Banquet. Our banquet this year is planned for November 2, 2016. The complete list of honorees by year is available on our website Menu by year. In addition we have the quarterly Reverend James E. Allen Award for Service to the Community, the Neighborhood Heroes, a curb appeal award program. The criteia for all these honors are listed in the website.

We believe our new brand and its logo (many thanks to Kate Sievers of Joliet) along with our new website will serve our purposes well.  Let us know what you think.