Neighborhood Heroes

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Our Intention             

Recognize and select Joliet home dwellers who improve and maintain their property in an outstanding manner.

The program seeks those who  show pride in their property,  block, neighborhood, District, city, and community.



You can nominate a neighbor, or someone you know who may qualify. You may nominate your own property. In 2016 all nominees must reside in the City of Joliet.



The City of Joliet has committed to become a partner with Project Acclaim in the 2016 Neighborhood Hero Program.


The criteria for judging nominees for Neighborhood Hero are listed on the Qualification page at the Project Acclaim website.


How to Nominate      

There are two ways.

Email your nomination before June 1, 2018 Neighborhood Hero Committee.

Send a written nomination to our P.O. Box before June 30, 2018.

Please click on the Contact Us menu item.                                                         

Recipient Honors

  1. An attractive sign for the recipient yard declaring the resident a Neighborhood Hero.

  2. Photographs and write up for the local press and our website

  3. Certificate of Achievement

  4. Joliet City Council recognition, and scheduled appearance to receive council honors.

Qualifications to become a Neighborhood Hero

Neighborhood Hero nominees will be scored on the appearance of their property as a key element in displaying pride in your status as a resident of Joliet. 

  1. Lawn must be neat and maintained.

  2. Elements of horticulture and color: flowers, flower beds, shrubs, decorative trees, and other enhancing elements will be scored, particularly in the front yard. Back yards may also be included in scoring.

  3. Improvements to façade of residence may be included in scoring.

  4. Landscaping must be resident’s own work. Professionally landscaped nominations will not be considered.

  5. Nominees may submit any Before and After photographs to indicate degree of improvements. Photos are not required.

  6. Residence appearance must be in good condition (including all exterior finishes)..

  7. Garbage Cans must not be visible.

  8. Gutters and roof must be in good condition.

  9. Artificial flowers will disqualify the nomination.

  10. No commercial or real estate signage displayed in front yard.

  11. Judges will be looking for visually outstanding examples with extra nice appearance.

  12. Nomination of a neighbor or another resident within the city limits of Joliet are allowed.

  13. Self-nominations are encouraged.

  14. Winning nominees must agree to promotional photographs, an interview for additional details and agree to appear before City Council to receive a resolution of congratulations.

  15. Winners will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Project Acclaim.

  16. Winners will be invited to the Project Acclaim Honors and Recognition Banquet, on November 2, 2016 at the Victorian Ballroom, 15 S. Richards Street,  Joliet.

  1. All nominations must be submitted by July 31, 2016.