Neighborhood Heroes from 2016

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While we work on the Neighborhood Hero page, you might as well get to see who won last year, right here.

Project Acclaim has long been organized to recognize them who have made a big difference to people in our communities.

We have three award areas:

Hall of Pride, our hall of fame with 137 plaques and an annual Banquet in November.

The Reverend James E. Allen Award for Service to the Community, the legacy of our late founder. There is a reception associated with this award.

The Neighborhood Hero Program, an audacious recognition in Joliet proper for people with outstanding curb appeal. The 2017 program launched June 1 and has a June 30, 2017 deadline. Send us an email to nominate someone including yourself.

Criteria for the Neighborhood Hero program is listed under the Awards button.

Here is a look at what we did last year:

Neighborhood Hero Program

There are many types of heroes; most usually stand out. For the fifth year we have honored residents whose property has stood out and earned the Neighborhood Hero title. In 2016 we have honored thirteen homeowners for beautiful property.  The progam has eighteen criteria, but the most important has been "does the yard and home attract the eye."  Our honorees this year are to receive a Yard Sign declaring that they are "Neighborhood Heroes."  In addition, each will receive a framed Certificate signed by the Mayor of Joliet, Bob O'Dekirk, and the Presdient of Project Acclaim, Val Rand.  The recipents will appear at the September 20, 2016 Joliet City Council meeting to be introduced to the City Council and receive their thanks for a job well done.

The Neighborhood Hero Program has the support of the Mayor and City Manager of Joliet who provided support and an appointment to the team of judges who reviewed  nominees this year. Anyone can nominate and self-nominations are encouraged in the program.  There was a record number of nominees this year, twenty seven.  The object of the program is to encourage other residents to improve their property and beautify the city of Joliet.

To Nominate someone for 2017 by June 30, 2017, send us an email at

The 2016 Neighborhood Hero recipients are:



Maria Costilla of 221 Sherman St., Joliet                              

Property of Kay and LeRoy Pemble of 601 N. Center St., Joliet

Property of Refugio and Evelia Alcantar at 608 E. Jackson        

Peter and Judy Valek of 5 S. Midland Ave., Joliet

St. Joliet


Val and Anna Vrinceanu of 601 N. Chicago St., Joliet        

Noel and Gloria Reyes of 218 Henderson, Joliet

Mark Donahue of 100 Park Drive, Joliet

Michael and Eileen O'Connor of 2411 Black Rd. Joliet


Linda Madding of 713 Oneida St., Joliet

Property of Cecilio and Maria Cisneros of 222 Henderson, Joliet

Barbara and Nicolas Caire of 1209 N. May St., Joliet

Barb Brixey of 805 Campbell St., Joliet

Agnes Limacher of 1520 Glenwood Ave., Joliet