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Hi.  Welcome to the Project Acclaim website.  

 Project Acclaim - honoring civic pride is a long serving organization of grass roots individuals and organization dedicated to emphasizing the positives of local living.  Our community was once considered a low place to live with high crime and high unemployment. Our organizer, Rev. James E. Allen decided to create a group dedicated to the positives of the Joliet area and its enviorns. To that effect we have developed a series of awards and recognition programs.

Our chief award is the Membership in the Hall of Pride. The Hall, with all the earmarks of a hall of fame, is located at the second floor meeting room of the Joliet Public Library on Ottawa Street. There are 137 plaques now lining the walls naming people whose lives have been dedicated to making our communities better places to live and raise families.  Individuals and organizations can be nominated. The award has an annual banquet attached to it in the fall.

The Reverend James E. Allen Award for Service to the Community was designed to recognize individuals who live or work here, and who have had a growing impact on local life. The Allen Award is the legacy award of the founder of Project Pride, now Project Acclaim -honoring civic pride, Jim Allen, now deceased.  We give this Award quarterly. We have associated a reception with this award.

Neighborhood Heroes is a audacious award that recognizes people who show pride in their property, their block, their Council District, and their Community. This is a Joliet award today that seeks to congratulate residents who have shown amazing curb appeal. We like gazing at their propeprty and their homes in passing by.  Most of us have a nice yard, but there are exceptional residents out there who want more. I do a double-take when I pass by these nominees.

Someone once asked me,"Who authorized this organization?"  Well, we did. There was a need to thank people for their positive lives and the impact that they have on us. We do this if only to generate more of the same.  We observed the good example and we have remarked on this phenomenon.  We all should know about these things.

Want to sign up? Our new email address is projectacclaim@gmail.com

Give us a heads up. Your help is always appreciated.

Find out more about our Banquet and Awards Dinner here.